We only distribute protected varieties

As a licence management company we develop garden varieties that are protected by a Plant Breeder's Right.

This certificate is guaranteed by an official institution after a thorough technical examination to make sure the variety is really DIFFERENT from existing varieties as well as UNIFORM and STABLE.

It is guaranteed:

  • - either for a national territory (for every country) by national offices,
  • - or more commonly in our times for the entire European Union (27 countries) by the CPVO - Community Plant Variety Office – situated in Angers (France).

logo OCVV

For each displayed variety you will find the license number on this website.

This document is the plant breeder’s certificate of ownership. It allows him to assert his claims to the use of his variety.

For us at SAPHO the Community Plant Variety Protection is the necessary and vital instrument to recognise our efforts and protect the rights of every participant in the business: plant breeder, distributor and licensed producer.

We use similar processes in every territory where varieties are entrusted to us (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South-Africa …).

The varieties authentication label and the illustrated explanatory label attached to every plant are the proof that your supplier is licensed for propagation of this variety or has bought the plants from a licensed grower.

The label has to bear the following statements

  • - European P.B.R.
  • - Propagation subject to authorization
  • - Name of the plant breeder
  • - Edition SAPHO


Some of our varieties are also protected by a brand registered at the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property). This brand is part of the communication effort for the variety and its use is also subject to an authorisation from its owner. The sign ® indicates the protected brand.

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