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  1. Best Wishes
  2. Meet at IPM ESSEN. Visit us !
  3. A feedback on the year 2022 and our award-winning novelties

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  1. Plants to feed bees and other pollinators
  2. Our demonstration squares - 2022 IHC
  3. Jard'innov gold trophy for the clematis SAPHYRA® Violetta 'CLEMINOV32'
  4. Our next trade show dates

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  1. The return of the elm in the tree heritage
  2. They've got panache!
  3. Learn all about the European system of protection of new varieties of plants

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  1. Hydrangea macrophylla SO LONG® 'Starlit Sky' received a Merit at Chantilly
  2. Sales support : chromos from 50 copies
  3. Great dynamic at the 2021 Paysalia exhibition

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