Lagerstroemia indica BRAISE D'ETE 'Indybra'

A very early fire-red in the INDIYA CHARMS® range.

The very early flowering is remarkable because of its very dense, good-sized, intense red thyrses, from the beginning of July onwards; in the right conditions, there is new flowering at the end of summer. The young red shoots are followed by dark green foliage.
BRAISE D'ÉTÉ®, CAMAÏEU D'ÉTÉ®, FUCHSIA D'ÉTÉ® and VIOLET D'ÉTÉ® are the four varieties of the INDIYA CHARMS® range in our program. They offer pretty shades of mauve, violet, pink and red, adding bright summer colours to shrub borders and mixed hedges.
Stem-grafted, in pots or in the ground, they decorate any entrance, terrace or, more traditionally, can be planted in a row.
They can also be trained along a south facing wall.

Position : sunny sunny

Hardiness : hardy (-15°C) hardy (-15°C)

Foliage : deciduous deciduous

Seasons of interest : autumn autumn

Plant details
2,00 /3,00 m
3,00 /4,00 m
hardy (-15°C)
resistance to powdery mildew
Foliage colour
vert,couleurs d'automne
Flowering period
Flowering colour
Selected by :

PBR / European PBR :

EU 30172
Protection :

European P.B.R - Protected variety, propagation without license is strictly forbidden

Lagerstroemia INDIYA CHARMS®

INDIYA CHARMS ® 's Lagerstroemia varieties are remarkable for the precocity and quality of their flowering, more suited for mild summers.
They are the fruit of a long selection work; they have been chosen for their resistance to low temperatures (hardy to -15°C when fully grown) and to powdery mildew.
These varieties can be grown as clumps or stem-grafted or half stem-grafted.

Garden Tips

Use :

Shrub bed, mixed hedge, pot for balcony or terrace

Type of soil :

Prefers light, fresh and well drained, acid to slightly chalky soil.

Care :

Balanced fertilization in spring, regular watering in summer.
In February-March cut the previous year’s main branches, keeping well balanced and airy branches in the centre, to let the light through.

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