Hypericum x inodorum MAGICAL® Impression 'Kolmagimpre'

Very large, vermillion-red, decorative berries of an exceptional duration

The Hypericum MAGICAL® Impression is notable for its particularly large, vermillion-red berries. Their decorative impact in the garden is as remarkable as their colour is exceptionally enduring (8 weeks). It's a small shrub with an upright habit. Its spring foliage is partially purple. Like all the Hypericum in the MAGICAL® range, the variety MAGICAL® Impression provides
- a quality foliage that's a relatively dark green and notably resistant to attack by rust
- an abundance of small yellow flowers bearing large stamens from May-June
- a generous production of fruits through June and July
- an excellent and very rapid second flowering
- fresh bouquets of fruit lending a decorative effect up to at least the end of September.
In addition to its enduring interest in the garden, this Hypericum is equally interesting as a bouquet.

Position : partial shade partial shade

Hardiness : hardy (-20°C) hardy (-20°C)

Foliage : deciduous deciduous

Seasons of interest : autumn autumn

Plant details
0,60 /0,80 m
0,80 /1,00 m
partial shade
round bearing
hardy (-20°C)
resistance to rust
Foliage colour
Flowering period
Flowering colour
Belles baies rouge vermillon de juin à novembre
Selected by :

PBR / European PBR :

EU 20170904
Protection :

European P.B.R - Protected variety, propagation without license is strictly forbidden

Hypericum MAGICAL®

The Hypericum varieties of the MAGICAL® range have been selected for their excellent second flowering and their abundance of fruit in various colours. Being floriferous, they are covered in small yellow flowers with long stamens, from June onwards. Numerous fruits appear in July. New bouquets of flowers, then fruits open very quickly, adding a long lasting decorative interest to the shrubs.
The cultivars were also chosen for the quality of their dark green leaves, which are particularly rust resistant.
Their growth is rather dense and well-branched.
MAGICAL® Beauty, Limelight, Impression, Innocence, Pumpkin, Red Fame and Sunshine are presently part of the SAPHO program.

Garden Tips

Use :

shrub bed, low hedge, pot, balcony, terrace

Type of soil :

All types of soil.

Care :

No special care necessary. Prune in spring to shape the plant.

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