Clematis SAPHYRA® Nancy 'CLEMINOV15'

The ideal clematis for urban gardens

SAPHYRA® Nancy is a new Clematis variety, ideal for terraces, balconies and small urban gardens. With its compact habit, not exceeding 1.5 to 2 m, it can be grown as a climbing plant or as a ground cover. Extremely flowering, it offers an airy and colourfull display that is repeated throughout the summer. Its abundant, fuchsia-pink, star-shaped 10-12 cm flowers, shine bright against the foliage. Resistant to pollution, cold, rain, drought and diseases, it is an easy-to-grow, low maintenance plant. The SAPHYRA® Nancy Clematis behaves like a perennial and regrows from base every year. Pruning is not obligatory.

A clematis named after the city of Nancy:

The city of Nancy is the birthplace of Victor Lemoine, regarded worldwide as the greatest ornamental plant breeder and introducer of all times. The naming of this clematis variety is a fitting tribute to the role played by the city of Nancy in the development of horticulture.

Hardiness : hardy (-25°C) hardy (-25°C)

Foliage : deciduous deciduous

Seasons of interest : summer summer

Plant details
1,50 /2,00 m
hardy (-25°C)
Foliage colour
Flowering period
Flowering colour
Flower size
10 - 12 cm
Selected by :

PBR / European PBR :

EU 58625
Protection :

European P.B.R - Protected variety, propagation without license is strictly forbidden

Clematis SAPHYRA®

The SAPHYRA ® range is perfectly suitable for landscaped areas and smaller gardens alike.
The plants are short and well ramified. Their growth is moderate and they can be used in low strucoeured plantations (maximum height 1,50 m) or as ground cover, together with shrubs and perennial plants for example.
They bloom profusely from May to September-October in sun or partial shade.
These are strong and easy plants, with excellent resistance to disease and frost, and suitale to be cut back mechanically (cut back to 20 cm from the ground, the new stems will grow naturally).

Earth Day® Campaign

This new clematis was chosen by the City of Nancy and Earth Day as a symbol of the ecological transition to invite citizens to plant their living environment.
Celebrated on April 22nd, Earth Day is an annual event that brings together over 1 billion people around the world in favour of environmental protection.  
Professionals, you too can support Earth Day and its actions ! Partnering with Earth Day and promoting the "one euro per plant for Earth Day " campaign, will allow you to enjoy the benefits of communications support and the visibility associated with Earth Day, the largest environmental movement on the planet!
Earth Day is a registered trademark in certain territories. Find out how to use it in your communication campaigns.
For more information, contact: Rachel Ganem -
Tel FRANCE : + 33 (0) 6 14 75 27 93
Tel CANADA: +1 514 728 0116 #217

Garden Tips

Use :

Can be planted with a small trellis support against a wall or in pottery, or left free to cover the soil, in clumps or associated with other plants.
Very hardy.

Care :

Cut down short in early spring. Remove the faded flowers and pinch out to help the new flowers to form for the rest of the summer.

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